Glenview is OPEN!

We’ve expanded Spin, Strength, Boxing and Yoga Classes.

Whether you come to our original location at Highland Park or our brand new Studio at Glenbrook, you will get the same 5 star experience!

For a limited time we are offering 3 classes for $30 for NEW CLIENTS at both studios!


We can’t wait to see you! 

Experience the Power of Workout Classes at Studio SPIN

Experience the Power of Workout Classes at Studio SPIN

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? At Studio SPIN, we offer a variety of spin classes designed to challenge your body, mind, and soul. From Cut and Grind to Rumble, no two workouts will ever be the same. Whether you visit our Highland Park or Glenbrook location, you’ll find a supportive community and encouraging instructors and leave our classes feeling energized and unstoppable. Find your studio today and keep reading to learn more about our variety of classes!

Spin Classes

At Studio SPIN, we are all about giving you the most incredible experience on your spin bike. With energizing lights, inspiring community, and motivational music, we have curated a myriad of exercise formats ensuring that no two workouts will ever be the same. Challenge yourself mentally and physically and leave our spin classes riding your high all day.

Cut Classes

Fire up your metabolism with 60-mins of spin and strength training guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat and feeling unstoppable. Get Cut with the ultimate full-body workout. This is the perfect 60-minute balance between strength and cardio, providing a calorie-torching workout that is non-stop fun.

Grind Classes

This high-intensity cardio boxing and strength-training class will push you to your limits and leave you feeling empowered, energized, and ready to take on the day. You’ll get the full Studio SPIN experience with 12 rounds of boxing, strength training, and spin, giving you the very best of what we have to offer. Get ready to power up your performance and start your journey to your best body, mind, and soul.

Rumble Classes

Are you ready to Rumble? Studio SPIN is offering the ultimate cardio boxing, bodyweight, and core strength workout in our Rumble Classes. An intense 60-minute workout designed to challenge your body, mind, and soul, Rumble Classes will push you to reach peak performance and leave you feeling victorious.

Studio SPIN’s various classes will push you to reach peak performance, fire up your metabolism, and challenge yourself mentally and physically. Discover the ultimate full-body workout and start your journey to your best body, mind, and soul. Get ready to power up your performance and leave our classes riding your high all day.

Northfield Food Pantry Fundraiser (GBN)

Northfield Food Pantry Fundraiser (GBN)

Thank you to Glenbrook North HS for coming to Studio Spin. to raise money for the Northfield Food Pantry, and to 4Sure Entertainment for the Photo Booth to capture the fun we had!

Reach out to us to host your next fundraiser.

Spring is in the air! While your HS or college student is on spring break, come take a class together!

Can’t wait to see you…


Is stretching bad for you?

A long time ago there was a study that “showed” that stretching decreases strength output, but here’s the thing with that study…


It was blown WAY out of proportion.


The impact stretching had on strength output was VERY insignificant.


I’m talking very, very small percentages if that.


Also, the effects were negated when the static stretching was followed up with dynamic stretching,


And more,


This study clearly didn’t take into account how stretching muscles that are excessively tight affects your performance.


Because, if you’re stretching the right muscles,


It actually increases power output.


Think of your muscles like a rubber band…


The farther you can pull them back, the more powerful they’ll be when you let go.


In order to fully benefit from all of that hard work,


You can’t have your movement restricted.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Thank you so much for rocking with us for the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration! We had 5 sold out classes with the GREATEST energy and fitness community in the Northshore!

We are just getting started! Thank you for being apart of Studio Spin Every.Damn.Day.

Special shoutout to DJ Ryan from 4Sure Entertainment for DJing while we were sweating!

Looking  forward to sweating and smiling this week!

Studio Spin x Lululemon Northbrook Court

Studio Spin x Lululemon Northbrook Court

What a great collaboration event we had with Lululemon Northbrook Court. Thank you for stopping by and supporting Studio Spin. It was great to see so many current Studio Spin members and meet future Studio Spinners!


We’ve had so many great memories at our Highland Park location! We look forward to having many more great memories in HP. In addition, we are excited to create great moments and to serve the community in the Glenview/Northbrook area at our BRAND NEW Glenbrook location!


We will continue to update you as we get closer to the Grand Opening in Glenbrook. In the meantime, you can follow us on instagram at @studiospin.glenbrook to stay up to date on the progress of our new location, or check us out at our Highland Park location!