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Two state-of-the-art group fitness studios offering Spin, Strength, Boxing, and Yoga classes for all fitness levels.

The workout

A boutique fitness studio featuring expertly coached Spin, Strength, Boxing, and Yoga classes. Classes are designed to motivate, challenge and redefine the limits of each athlete’s own personal potential.


Power up hills and sprint across flats in our state-of-the-art studio. High-intensity intervals build strength and cardiovascular endurance in this non-stop class that'll keep you energized long after you clip out.


Fire up your metabolism with 60-mins of Spin and Strength training guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat and feeling unstoppable. Get Cut with the ultimate full body workout.


Go the distance with 12-rounds of high-intensity cardio Box, Strength, and Spin. The Grind combines our signature formats to bring you the very best of Studio Spin in a single class.


Get ready to Rumble with 60-mins of cardio boxing, bodyweight, & core strength training. Be challenged through 9 high-intensity rounds & emerge victorious under the lights & energy of the Rumble Room.


Get the best of Studio Spin in a single class that combines 30-45 mins of our signature spin program with 15-30 mins of functional strength and core training off the bike.


Get pumped with 60-minutes of pure strength training optimized for building muscle and burning fat. Lift is the best full body strength workout to redefine your limits and take you to the next level.

Highland Park

332 Skokie Valley Road #103
Highland Park, IL 60035

The Reviews

Danielle Perlin-Good
Danielle Perlin-Good
15:15 24 May 23
A few months ago, I was looking for a way to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. As a mom with two young kids and my own business, it can be difficult to juggle it all. I came to Studio Spin for the first time in late March, and my health (mental and physical) has greatly improved. I've already lost over 10 pounds, and I feel better every single day because I have this time to myself. I appreciate the positive, "You vs. you" attitude and mentality among the coaches and the clients. It's a motivating, inspiring environment. Thank you, Julie, and everyone else, for your hard work!
David Gichner
David Gichner
02:24 22 Mar 23
This weekend a few friends and I went to Studio Spin for an event for our high school. I have fallen in love with Studio Spin. From the moment we walked in, the space was beautiful, the staff were so generous, and I had a phenomenal workout and had a blast. I will definitely be back to studio spin and I recommend it to anyone!
Kyle Pambah
Kyle Pambah
00:46 22 Mar 23
A very warm and welcoming aura as you first walk in. Equipment was amazing, and one of the best spin classes I have ever attended! Highly recommend bringing a couple friends for a fun time!
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